A look back at 2014, and some goals for 2015

Well, I just started to remember to write 2014 on things, so it must be the new year! I have spent a little time looking over the numbers from my running log, and it has been quite a year. As seems to be my norm, my running went in fits and starts all year long. Some of this was due to the cyclical nature of my arthritis medication, and some of this was due to being a dad, a husband, a teacher, and a grad student. One of these no longer describes me, and luckily, it’s grad student. I finished my master’s degree in October, and my training record shows it. Amazing what a few extra hours can do in one’s weekly schedule. (Now, who do I need to talk to about getting a few more?) I am excited to have some more hours to devote to all the other hats I wear.

2014 Races

I thought I had done more races in 2014, but looking back at my log, apparently I only did six. For those of you who are WAY too interested, here they are:

Feb. 2: Tallahassee Half Marathon 2:12:44
Feb. 15: Flash 12K 1:07:57 (New distance, automatic PR!)
Sept. 27: Prefontaine 5K Forest Run 31:00
Nov 1: Run for Lawson 10K 1:11:57
Nov 27: Tallahassee Turkey Trot 15K 1:31:59
Dec 20: Tannenbaum 6K 34:40 (Exact time I ran last year in this race. Weird.)

Six races, six distances. Three road races, three trail/cross country races. All in all, not too bad.

2014 Mileage

Lofty goal set at the end of 2013: 720 miles
Actual, real-world mileage: 472.8

I realized that setting a goal for annual mileage is not something that works well for me. As soon as I get behind, I get discouraged. In an effort to avoid feeling being the 8 ball from Day 1, I am changing how I look at setting goals for this year. One of the best experiences I had running this year was participating in a 100 mile challenge in the month of November. I ended up with 110 miles on the month. That’s right. 110 of my 472 miles came in one month. While I don’t think that it would work for me to try and log 100 miles each month, it was a great challenge, and it’s something I will be incorporating into my training in 2015.

2015 Goals

Keeping track of my running has proven to be a good exercise for me, and I am trying to target some goals for the coming year that address some weaknesses I have noticed. Anyway, here are my two simple running goals for 2015.

#1: Four 100 mile months this year.
#2: No zero weeks.

I think the second goal is going to be harder than the first, but I think it’s more important for making training gains this year. I will be posting updates on these goals throughout the year, so stay tuned!

What are your training goals for 2015?
How do you stay motivated?