A new training plan and some old trainers

Today was the first day of a new training plan. I have learned that I do so much better when I have some clear objectives for each day's run. I am using a sub-55 minute 10K plan from Runkeeper. This is the first plan of theirs that I've used, so I'm excited to see how it goes. My goal race is the Run for Lawson 10K on November 1. I would love to run a sub 50 10K, but I'm not sure that this is the race for it.
I'll try and post updates here as I progress through the plan. I'm excited to see how it works out.
One of the challenges of running in Florida is the weather. Exhibit A:
When it's not 95 degrees and 95% humidity around here, you've got to dodge the pop-up thunderstorms. I managed to squeeze in today's run between a couple of rounds of liquid sunshine.
Because of the less than ideal conditions, I grabbed an older pair of running shoes. That way, if the inevitable monsoon struck, I wouldn't be out in my freshest pair.
I knew that this pair of shoes didn't have as much cushion left in them as they once had, but I was surprised by how "right" they felt. They've got a few hundred miles on them, and it was gratifying to see and feel the effects of all that work in such a tangible way.
These old yellow shoes show the wear and tear of all the miles by breaking down. I'm hoping that the same miles are working a change in me, but a positive one.
These bad boys might not have reclaimed their spot as my go-to shoes, but I have a feeling I'll be working them back into the rotation once in a while.