My New Co-Pilot

The weather around here has been warming up quite nicely (read: it's hot and humid already), and Littler Man (E) is finally big enough to take to the streets with me in the jog stroller. Which is good, since his big brother (G) feels that he's way too cool to go running with Dad. He IS three-and-a-half, you know. I have been looking forward to getting the stroller back out for a while. It's a great opportunity to bond while getting some miles in. I'll have to comb through my records, but I know G and I got a few hundred miles in with the jog stroller, and I'm looking forward to the same with E. Taking E out in the stroller will also provide G with some time alone with Mommy, which is good for everybody.
E is not quite sure what Daddy is up to here...

The run: Our first outing was nothing spectacular, but E had fun looking all around while Daddy grunted and groaned from behind the stroller. Unless you can get out before sunrise, Tallahassee is hot and humid all summer, and this mid-afternoon run was no exception. Daddy got a decent run in, and E got a decent nap. Altogether, a worthwhile adventure.
This guy stopped cheering me on about a half mile into the run. He's no help.

Needless to say, I have to remind myself that my pace should be adjusted for heat, humidity, and running like a one-armed T-Rex pushing this guy around. Bring it on.