#RunChatHunt 2015

The good folks over at RunChat have put together another running scavenger hunt, or as they call it, a RunChatHunt. Participants are tasked with finding various common and not-so-common items on their run. You can check out the original post here, or keep reading to see what I found.

This year’s list had some easy items, and some that were much tougher (sneaky garden gnomes, anyway…). Here’s the list, along with the items I found.

1. Body of water (creek, ocean, river, etc.)
This is what I lovingly refer to as Gator Creek that runs through McCord Park here in Tallahassee. I’m sure it has a real name, but mine goes with a group run that will not soon be forgotten.

2. Statue
I live in a state capital with three colleges, and I don't have a picture of a statue. For shame.

3. Sunrise or sunset
I had every intention of getting up for a sunrise run, but let's face it- that's not my style.

4. Something unique to your city/town
This is a Borne Monument given to the US by the people of France after WWII. It is located outside our local VFW post. Feel free to read the plaque below for a more detailed account of how it ended up in Tallahassee.

5. Race/running sticker on vehicle
Boom. And even repping Gulf Winds Track Club, at that!

6. American flag (or flag of your country if not in the U.S.!)

7. Selfie with another runner
Julio and I, post group run, trying our best to blend in with the neon surroundings...

8. Empty beer/soda can
This lovely specimen was found near Gator Creek (see above). To be fair, if I had a Rolling Rock, I’d probably want to get rid of it as soon as possible, much like the previous owner of this can. My folks raised me with manners, however. I learned long ago that skunky beer cans belong in the recycling, not on the ground.
9. Garden gnome
Perhaps the crown jewel of my collection, this creepy guy lives just down my street, and I run past him all the time. I try and ignore him, but I find that I keep checking on him, just to be sure that he hasn’t moved (or stolen anyone’s first-born).

10. Home under construction
It took a little while for me to track this one down, and I’m glad I snapped the picture when I did. It’s almost finished now.