Strength in numbers

Ok, parents of little ones, you know how it often feels like you are outnumbered and overrun? Of course you do. And you know how every once in a while, you feel like the stars align and you actually get a moment of parenting bliss? Such was my afternoon, even if just for a moment.

Our newly five-year-old five-year-old is much too big for this guy to want to push in the jog stroller (plus he talks smack whenever Daddy slows down). The almost two-year-old is in the prime of strollerdom (Daddy is the fastest, I see a puppy, etc., etc.).

So what, you may ask, was the parenting win today? Well, I couldn't fit both boys in the stroller, so I told the older one to put on some running clothes and get ready to run with us. If only he showed the same level of excitement for getting dressed at ANY OTHER TIME in his life.

Ready to go!

So, after a review of proper safety etiquette and GPS signal acquisition (turns out little guy is a data nerd), we hit the road. It wasn't far, and it wasn't fast. But it was FUN! We made it up and down our street twice (almost a half mile), and quit while we were ahead.

We've run in the local Jingle Bell Run 3K the past few years, and I've got a new running partner who is excited to get to run it this year. Almost as excited as his dad.

Not bad for an impromptu run group...