The next challenge

So, it's been a while since I've been on the blog. It seems like I start every post like that. Well, life on the home front is keeping us super busy. The boys are growing and changing too fast, and we're trying our best to be intentional about spending time with them, even after a long day of teaching. That being said, scheduling time to run has been challenging, and sometimes a little guilt inducing.

I'm still getting out there, mainly with the group runs from our local running store. I've definitely been reaping the benefits of having a group to be accountable to as far as training goes. Many of the group members are gearing up their training for fall marathons, and I get a little jealous of the time they have to invest in training.

The past few years, I've run the Tallahassee Half Marathon each February. I've really enjoyed the challenge, but I am already feeling like trying to fit 4-5 quality runs (including a long run) into each week is going to be too much for our family schedule.

What to do, then? Instead of trying to find time to train to go longer, I'm going to jump into the Gulf Winds 10K series. The series includes 10 races between now and May, eight of which are required for completion. I'm excited to be racing more, and I feel like I can maintain 10K fitness without turning my wife into a running widow.

I'll try to remember to post updates as I progress through the series. See you out on the roads, Tallahassee!