Thoughts on Father's Day

As I write this, we are on our way back home from a weekend at Disney World. In addition to our usual adventures there (you know, meeting characters, fussing, whining, getting soaked in the inevitable rain), my brother and his family were down to see the Mouse on vacation.
My wife and I have lived "away" for ten years now. It was supposed to be a 3-5 year adventure, but apparently we can't count. We've adapted fairly well, and although it's not easy, we've grown used to being away from family.
Spending time with family in person (not on Skype or Face Time) is a wonderful thing, but every time we do, it drives home just how far away we are from the rest of both sides of our family.
When we do get together with family, it's usually hyper-planned so that we get a chance to see everyone. This weekend was a little different. After the usual run around that is Disney World with two boys under 4, we went back to the condo where my brother's family was staying and chilled. Really just chilled.
Little Man (the older one) had a blast running around with his cousins, and Littler Man (the younger) was happily passed to relatives who were not his parents.
All that being said, it was so novel to have time for our kids to play together and just be kids. I hope that my boys have many more opportunities like that to get to be friends with their cousins.
Little Man and Littler Man with their cousins (and a couple of bonus cousins from the other side of the family)
In addition to cousins and aunts and uncles, our boys are blessed with both sets of grandparents. While all the grandparents are getting better at managing the video chat and even texting (I know, right?), we would love to be able to see them more.
This is especially true on Father's Day. For now, we'll take what we can get. See you on the computer later tonight, Grandpas!