Week 1 training recap

This was the first week of my half marathon training plan, but I am in the throes of the 100 mile November challenge, so I can't claim that I stuck to the program.

Here's what was scheduled:

Monday- Stretch and Strengthen
Tuesday- 3 miles
Wednesday- 5X400 @5K pace
Thursday- 3 miles + strength
Friday- rest
Saturday- 5 miles
Sunday- 3 miles

And here’s what I actually ran:

Monday- 4.6 miles, no strengthening…
Tuesday- 3.1 miles
Wednesday- Rest. My old knees were giving me a little grief.
Thursday- 5X400, plus a few bonus miles, 5 total
Friday- 5.5 with the stroller
Saturday- 11 on the trails
Sunday- Total rain out

The week was a success overall. My 100 mile goal for the month is within reach, and everything is feeling good. I will have to try and adjust my training plan since my weekly mileage is up. I'm excited to keep focused on speed work and strengthening throughout this program. So far, so good!