What? I have a blog?

So, I’ve been super swamped as of late. Ok, We’re always super busy. But as an elementary school teacher, the spring is crazy. There is light at the end of the tunnel, however, as June is nearly here. Then it’s summer school… Oh, well. I wouldn’t know what to do with free time anyway.

On the running front, Things are puttering along. I set two goals for this year- no zero weeks and at least four 100 mile months in 2015. Well, I think that there may have been one zero week earlier in the spring when the creeping crud went through our house, but I’ve been much more consistent this spring than in years past. So far, this goal has helped shore up an area of weakness for me.

Speaking of areas of weakness, I’ve decided that this summer is going to be focused on getting stronger. I have put a bunch of miles on for a few years now, and I think it’s going to take getting stronger in order to get to the next level. Don’t be surprised to hear me talk about the Summer of Stronger the next couple of months.

In reference to my second goal, it's looking like June is going to have to be a 100 mile month. Hopefully, I can be creative with getting miles in the books, in spite of the humidity and daily rain storms.

One more thing before I go- yesterday was National Stroller Running Day, and I made sure to get out for a few miles with our little guy. He's really started to enjoy riding in the stroller, and a majority of my mileage in May was with him. Here are a few pictures from today's sweat-fest.

All set. As of late, he gives me all kinds of grief if I try and head out for a run without him.

This is what he did for most of our run. I guess it's better than heckling. Note the foggy glasses and camera lens. Humidity is no joke around here.

Just a dude, grabbing a nap. I promise I didn't leave him by the curb any longer than it took to take the picture.

One of his first words has been "shoes," so I made sure to grab a pic of both of ours. (By the way, I am totally digging these New Balance Zantes.)